Copyright © All rights reserved.      Terms of use, with John Golding as its Principal, provides Solution Design and Business Development Services to companies operating in the Presentation, Broadcast, Post Production and D-Cinema market places

John had worked with Quantel since 1991 forming the Special Applications Group to develop interfacing technologies to allow open access to the Quantel “closed” filing system by other companies’ platforms & products such as Photoshop, Alias, and Weather Systems etc.

John then went on to form the Systems Group offering turnkey solutions. This Group grew to have a turnover in excess of $10M pa after 4 years of operation, with some major successes such as the world’s two largest (& first) fully integrated Digital Newsrooms allowing journalists to edit. For this work his team was awarded a Technical Emmy.

He then was asked to become the company evangelist to instil confidence & build relationships with both client and partner organisations mainly in the US and Korean markets. With his ability to think “outside the box”, often resulting in the finding and the successful development of opportunities that were not available when the mission started. This role eventually led to many major orders being secured by the company, not only in his specialised area of broadcast but within the Post and D-Cinema markets.

In the latter role John played a significant role in a Consortium of European Manufacturers & Research Organisations in a successful bid for a European funded research programme looking into improving workflow in the complete Digital Cinema chain.

On leaving Quantel, John set himself up to operate as a freelance primarily offering business development and bid management services to manufacturers, system integrators & resellers.

In this new role John has been successful in building a client base based on reputation and results. Clients have benefited from a more professional bid management process leading to success, market and product knowledge, a fresh look at existing and proposed development paths, and increased sales.